Team Biographies


Charles A McCray-Hundley


I started my career in massage therapy in August 2014 to help others feel better in their bodies and educate them on how massage relieves the stress, anxiety, depression and sadness caused by the stresses and tensions of everyday life. I graduated from Cedar Stone School of Massage in Harrisonburg, Va in December 2016. I currently have a license in massage therapy and in 2020 obtained credentials in prenatal and postpartum. I am working toward obtaining credentials in medical and pediatric massage therapies.


I perform therapies that help improve many conditions including sore and stiff muscles, fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis using varying techniques like Swedish, deep tissue, hot and cold stones and vibration therapy.


Outside of work I enjoy traveling, especially on cruises to visit beaches with clear blue waters and white sand. I also enjoy spoiling my two completely rotten dogs with loads of ear-tickling attention.

Timothy W McCray-Hundley


I have 20 years of customer service and management experience including a broad spectrum of business avenues from Telecommunications, Radio Broadcasting, Retail, Tech Support, Medical Access and Transportation. It is my pleasure to bring this experience to Forever Relished Day Spa to serve the Staunton Community in a fresh and modern way with a classic touch.

It is my vision to support Charles and this team to bring Forever Relished Day Spa to the forefront of the market with a clinical precision and esthetic touch that will benefit the mind, body and soul. Whether you are in need of a therapeutic session or just want to be pampered, I will work tirelessly to provide services and products that are carefully curated for individuals of every type and walk of life.


Tanya Kiegley




Mary Scott


Being a lifelong animal lover i began my education by obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Arizona. This background in the sciences actually enabled me to get into the Columbus Medical Electrology and Skin Care Institute in 2000-2001. I earned my District of Columbia Esthetician License in 2002. I also hole esthetician licenses in North Carolina and West Virginia. I have my Master Esthetician License in Virginia.

I received my N.C.E.A. (National Coalition of Estheticians Association) certification. The main foal of this organization is to continue to raise the educational standard of skin care and includes manufactures and distributers as well as estheticians. I have been practicing skin care since 2002 and am dedicated to providing the safest and most effective procedures and products currently available.

Heather Ryder